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RAW 2012 Schedule

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Note: Schedule is subject to change. Last updated March 26, 2012

8:30 am – Registration (JO 4.614)

9:00 am – Opening Remarks (JO 4.614)

9:30 am – Concurrent Sessions

Panel: “Social Media and Activism” (JO 3.906)

Moderator: Dr. Kimberly Knight

Courtney Kennedy – “Vivas for Kennedy: JFK’s 1962 Visit to Mexico City”
Maria Loftin – “Corridos de Sangre: Social Media and the Drug War in Mexico”
Janet Montealvo – “Flash Mobs and Smart Mobs: A Study in Social Network Coordination and Moblization”

Panel: “Lords and Ladies: The Early Modern Imaginary” (JO 4.122)

Moderator: Dr. Jessica Murphy

Catharine Ingersoll – “Author, Artist, Publisher, Patron: Collaborative Book Production in Renaissance Landshut”
Elizabeth Ranieri – “The Life of Madonna Properzia de’ Rossi, Sculptress from Bologna: Giorgio Vasari and Female Artists in the Renaissance”
Adam Cheney – “The Bells of Ys”

Panel: “In the Time of Conflicts” (JO 4.614)

Moderator: Dr. Dennis Walsh

Carroll Clayton Savant – “The Destiny of Hope: The “Damned Mob” of Women Activist Writers and the Indian Removal”
Jay Webb – “The Red Badge of Courage Under Fire”
Ashlie Contos – “”Nomina Nuda Tenemus”: Jonathan Safran Foer, Finding Meaning within Empty Names, or (re) Construction of Deconstruction”

10:35 am – Concurrent Sessions

Panel: “(De)Construction of Identity” (JO 3.906)

Moderator: Dr. Susan Briante

Chaz Lilly – Poem: “Our Fine Exile”
Alessandra Gonzalez Torres – “Tabula Rasa”

Panel: “Cross-Cultural Transmission” (JO 4.122)

Moderator: Dr. Timothy Redman

Jennifer Hudson – “Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov: Two Soviet Humourists and Their Cross-Country American Travelogue”
Yuehong Chen – “The Impact of Pound and Cathay on Translation Studies”
Christine Hand Jones – “Answers in the Wind: Bob Dylan and Messianic Longing”

Panel: “Light and Perspective: American Fiction in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era” (JO 4.614)

Moderator: Dr. Shari Goldberg

Xuemei Wan – “How to Face ‘the Other Man’ out of Marriage?—A Reading on Chopin’s ‘A Respectable Woman’ from the Confucian Perspective”
Terje Saar-Hambazaza – “You’re Scared of Me Just Because I’m Myself: Anzia Yezierska and the Reconciling of Multiple Identities”
Roshanak Akrami – “In the Light of Words: Artificial Light in Henry James’ The Wings of the Dove”

11:40 am – Concurrent Sessions

Panel: “Social Structures in Ruins” (JO 3.906)

Moderator: Dr. Venus Reese

Jason Parry – “Ruins: An Exhibit Proposal”
JD Vineyard – “Before Occupy Wall Street, There Was a Rude Awakening, one-act play reading”

Panel: “Arts and Technology” (JO 4.122)

Moderator: Dr. Frank Dufour

Robert Fuetnes – “ATEC Ph.D Research Projects: 2012 Landscape”
Brad Hennigan – “Toward a Methodology for Writing Dynamically Immersive Branching Dialogue in Digital Games and Simulations”
Valarie Broderick – “Government Application Program Paper”

Panel: “Spaces and Interiority” (JO 4.614)

Moderator: Dr. Charissa Terranova

Erin Naler – “Vivid Community: Russell Lee’s Photographs of Pie Town, New Mexico”
Sandi Edgar – “The First Fortnight”
Jill Foltz – “Gesamtkunstwerk: Contemporary Art, Design, and Inversion”

12:45 pm – Lunch (McDermott Suite 4.4)

1:45 pm – Keynote Address: Dr. Benjamin Alpers (JO 4.614)

2:30 pm – Concurrent Sessions

Panel: “Ideology Under Construction” (JO 3.906)

Moderator: Dr. Charissa Terranova

Megan Rohr – “Converting a Temple into a Fortress: Temple Imagery in the Literature of India’s Independence and Partition”
Emeka Ikebude – “The Intersection of Visuality and Orality in African Architecture”
Cristen Hamilton – “Circular Contracts: Rings in William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice”

Panel: “Messaging and Iconography” (JO 4.122)

Moderator: Dr. Deborah Stott

Margaret Hosty – “Painted as a Harlot: Mary Magdalene, Much Maligned”
Margaret DeBosier – “Why Christianity Survived: An Examination of the Communication Factors that Helped a New Belief Resonate and Proliferate, 30 C.E. – 70 C.E.”
Debbie DeWitte – “Gauguin’s Christ Complex: Sacrifice and Redemption in the works of Paul Gauguin”

Panel: “Why The Humanities Matter” (JO 4.614)

Moderator: Dr. Daniel Wickberg

Michele Rosen – “Translation as Literature, Translation as Practice”
Sara Keeth – “Literature and Truth”
Lora Burnett – “Saved By History: Fidelity, Contingency, and the Liberated Future”

3:35 pm – Concurrent Sessions

Panel: “Inventive Reappropriation” (JO 3.906)

Moderator: Dr. Matthew Brown

Sydnie Montgomery and Mattie Tanner – “Why You Already Know What Remediation Is But Have Never Heard of It”
Rebecca Sader – “Roads”

Panel: “Moving Bodies, Bodies in Motion” (JO 4.122)

Moderator: Prof. Thomas Riccio

Stacy Chen – “A Shamanic Perspective of “The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers””
Steven Cochran – “Marcel Duchamp’s use of Rene Descartes’s Treatise on Man”

Panel: “Manifold Theories of Knowledge” (JO 4.614)

Moderator: Dr. Roger Malina

Isaac Karth – “Altered Memory: Examining Memory and Interactivity in Memento and Planescape: Torment”
Erik Jensin – “Shifting Priorities and Scientific Revolutions: A Pragmatic Defense of Quine’s Underdetermination Thesis”
Amanda Preston – “Reconstructionism: Poïesis of Mind, Body, Matter, and Meaning”

4:40 pm – Concurrent Sessions

Panel: “Reification of Home” (JO 3.906)

Moderator: Dr. Clay Reynolds

Numair Choudhury – “Island Episode from ‘Babu Bangladesh’”
Sarah Valente – “Collection of Poems: unsung immigrant songs”

Panel: “Performing Black Identity” (JO 3.908)

Moderator: Dr. Theresa Towner

Jennifer Hobson – “The Black Dance Aesthetic”
Poe Johnson – Spoken Word Piece: “SlutWalk”

Panel: “Perceiving the Real: Literature, Technology, and Being” (JO 4.122)

Moderator: Dr. Rainer Schulte

Jacob Vaughan – “The Stereoscope and The County of the Pointed Firs: Bringing New Depth to a Technological Innovation and A Novel”
Matthew Clarkson – “I Have Been One Acquainted With The Night“
Emily Pace – “Converging Dialogues: The Women’s Building and Race in the 19th Century”

Panel: “Art and Anarchy” (JO 4.614)

Moderator: Dr. Richard Brettell

Marina Botros – “Picasso’s Anarchy”
Melinda McVay – “NOW/THEN/AGAIN: installation design at the Dallas Museum of Art”
Mark Jenkins – “Charles Olson: Anarchist of Morning”

5:45 pm – Closing Remarks (JO 4.614)


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