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Candidate for Media Based Visual Arts: Colleen Ludwig

February 20, 2012

The School of Arts and Humanities
Colleen Ludwig, MFA
Candidate for Assistant Professor in
Media Based Visual Arts
Ms. Ludwig will present a lecture on
Monday, February 27 at 3:30 pm in ATEC 1.606

“Cutaneous Habitat”

Colleen Ludwig works with metaphors of skin and boundaries to create immersive environments, video works and performance. Her current research is a four-room suite of interactive installations called Cutaneous Habitat. The first completed room in that series, called Shiver, was recently exhibited as part of the Watershed: Art, Activism and Community Engagement exhibition at UW, Milwaukee. Shiver was supported by a Research Growth Initiative Grant and a fellowship from the Center for 21st Century Studies, both at UWM.

Colleen Ludwig received her MFA in Time and Interactivity from the University of Minnesota in 2005 and her BFA in Film and Television from NYU in 1989. She and collaborator Jarod Charzewski created the immersive installation Vanishing Point at aceartinc. Project Space in Winnipeg in 2008. She performed ContactContact at the San Francisco and Austin Maker’s Faires in 2007. Colleen is currently an Assistant Professor and the Co-coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Arts & Technology BFA Program in the Art Department at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.


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