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Bragging Rights (A Call for Posts)

April 26, 2012

On Wednesday, I received my Summer 2012 MLA (Modern Language Association) member newsletter and discovered that the editor, Rosemary Feal, had cited our own GSA President Lora Burnett in an article on foreign language requirements for graduate students. You can read the newsletter article here and Lora’s original post here.

I enjoy finding out about the academic accomplishments of my fellow grad students. Have you been accepted to a conference? Had something published? Received a grant or fellowship, or won an award? Been cited in a major article, been interviewed, or had a tweet or video go viral? Or do you know of someone who has, and who might be too modest to tell us him or herself?

Write up a brief summary of your latest academic accomplishment and send us an email at utd (dot) gsa (at) gmail (dot) com, or email me at sara (dot) keeth (at) We’ll post it here on the GSA blog.

-Sara Keeth
GSA Secretary

*Some of your colleague’s accomplishments are also posted here on the official UT Dallas A&H website.


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