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MLA Job Information List partnership with Interfolio

May 24, 2012

MLA Job Information List will provide dossier and search-management tools via partnership with Interfolio.

from the MLA website:

In fall 2012, the MLA Job Information List will make Interfolio’s online dossier and search-management services available through JIL advertisements.

What This Means for Job Seekers

Job seekers will be able to apply for positions directly from advertisements in the JIL by creating a free Interfolio account (the normal charge is $19 per year). With an account, job seekers can

  • transmit electronically a customized letter of application and CV to a hiring department at no charge
  • send a complete electronic dossier with confidential letters of recommendation and other materials online for a maximum fee of $6 per position, no matter how many additional electronic transmissions are requested for a given search
  • upload, store, and manage letters of application, CVs, letters of recommendation, writing samples, and other materials using the secure Interfolio Web site
  • store customized letters of recommendation and dossier materials in a personal Interfolio account for future delivery
  • manage and track the status of applications

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