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Meeting Minutes 3/24/16

March 28, 2016

3/24/2016 GSA General Meeting minutes (by Teri)

Meeting was held in the Ackerman Center at 5:00 pm.


Teri asked for feedback on the 2016 RAW conference. The general consensus was that the conference went smoothly. There were two suggestions: signs inside and outside the ATEC building to direct participants to the conference rooms, and better coordination with ATEC facilities management to ensure that the building and rooms are unlocked in a more timely fashion. (We recognize that we have control over only one of these two suggestions.)

A question was asked about how the RAW entry fees are used. Entry fees go toward the keynote speaker’s fee, travel, and hotel costs, and toward the participants’ lunch and reception expenses. Funds provided by the A&H department make up the difference.

Tracey noted that for RAW 2017, we will try to coordinate with the Center for Values to engage a speaker; if we are successful, this may determine the date of our conference.

Reports from Faculty Meetings

Teri read Poe’s reports from the faculty and executive committee meetings:

Dean Kratz has decided to form various committees in an attempt to figure out a way to increase the A&H graduate and undergraduate populations. There has been a steady drop in graduate school admittance over the last four years. To counter that, Dean Kratz also wants to create a film studies certificate and an MFA program dedicated to “Narrative Arts.”

Ashley Barnes (19th Century Literature) and Manny Martinez (Creative Writing) have been offered and accepted tenure-track positions, negotiations are ongoing.


 The GSA will hold an end-of-the-year social event some time after April 29 and before May 15.

Teri noted that elections for next year’s GSA Senate will be held soon and encouraged people to run for office.

An attendee asked whether the GSA Senate would be willing to issue a statement regarding the campus-carry law that will go into effect in fall 2017. We discussed the issue at some length and agreed that we would probably be able to invite a guest speaker to a general GSA meeting to explain the ramifications of the law for graduate student TAs. Teri will invite Julie Gavran to speak to us at the first meeting of the fall semester.



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