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Meeting Minutes (Oct. 10, 2017)

October 17, 2017

Discussed RAW prep – Raw will be Feb 24th. The theme is “Negotiating Tragedy.”

Things we should figure out soon:

  • How do we get on the school’s calendar?
  • When should we schedule our monthly general meeting?

Workshops we intend to give this academic year:

  • (Oct.) Writing Conference proposals (see if we can bring in Thomasina Hickman?)
  • (Nov.) Writing a conference paper
  • (Dec.) Conference Etiquette
  • (Jan.) Tips for resenting at conferences
  • (Feb.) No meeting in Feb because of RAW
  • (Mar.) publishing papers / writing a journal article
  • (Apr.) Tips for Finding an academic job

Jacqueline has other ideas for social get-togethers:

  • The fall social only cost about 200 dollars- food, decor, etc. So we do have some money for other events or perhaps food for a general meeting or two. Or we could use the money for a spring social.
  • I would like also to do a monthly meet up kinda like Teri did with the Titty llamas. I was thinking of maybe bingo or trivia at Alamo.

Faculty meeting (11 Oct.)

We assumed Tracey will go. Tracey, please announce about RAW’s “Negotiating Tragedy” theme while you’re there.

We need to invite Ben Wright to our meetings because he hasn’t been involved in anything yet (Some of us haven’t even met him yet!!)

We need to advertise faculty brown bag stuff.

Suzanne will be in charge of updating our website.

Madhavi might not be able to be our social media person (so if anyone else wants the job??)

Additional Suggestions for the GSA:

  • We should keep a resource (online) to keep a collection of grad student book reviews, for grad students by grad students.
  • We should try to the best of our abilities to convince the higher powers to implement electronic signing of forms (for proposals, independent studies, etc.) (Use DocuSign)
    • Some arguments in favor of this: Its considered a legally signed document legally, it prints in color, use how much money it costs…
    • Tracey should start with Dr. Gooch and Alice. Amy volunteered to go with Tracey as an ambassador for the cause.



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