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Meeting Minutes (Nov. 14, 2017)

November 18, 2017

We designated who is in charge of what for RAW preparation. The assignments are as follows:

  • Dr. Wright is in charge of booking rooms for RAW, and maybe also provide wine?
  • Tracey will check out Starbucks, and Off Campus Books for swag. He will also take care of the GSA’s money situation (and will copy Dr. Wright about this), and set up a skype thing for Karen, perhaps in room 4.614.
  • Brian will check out the UTD library, UTD Bookstore, and visitor’s center for swag. He will also take care of parking for non-UTD presenters.
  • Suzanne will put together the program and create badges.
  • Amanda from ATEC will find some ATEC swag for us
  • Madhavi will buy snacks for the swag bags. She will also ask the Confucius Center, the Ackerman Center, and the Translation Center for swag.
  • Jennifer and Jacqueline in charge of meals/dinner
  • Amy and Jennifer will respond to RAW submissions
  • Amy, Jennifer, Madhavi and Amanda will formulate panels Dec 15-Dec 31

We discussed the entrance fees (including early bird entrance fees) and are currently considering a $30 –> $40 –> $50 rate. Tracey will confirm with Poe about what the fee was last year. We also considered maybe having a UTD discount for RAW.

There will be two social events (coordinated by Jacqueline) in December. Trivia on Dec. 6 and Tiki Bingo on Dec. 19. We are currently planning on hosting these at Alamo Draft House, but are considering other alternative sites like Texadelphia.

Madhavi will put together workshop for field exams in January. (We might want to make sure we have representatives from all three humanities fields who could perhaps provide samples of their writing?). She will also talk to Dr. Kratz and Dena about the GSA’s money situation.

Finally, to all A&H grad students:

If you any ideas about what they want to see in the grad program in general (for example, maybe you have ideas on how HUMA 6300 could be more useful and relevant to us than it is now, or if you want us to try to convince administration to set up a better system to accept electronic signatures for independent studies and proposals and such), please bring these ideas to Tracey ( He is our official voice of the grad students at faculty meetings.


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