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Meeting Minutes (Dec. 12, 2017)

January 7, 2018

This meeting was largely devoted to discussing the upcoming RAW Conference on Feb. 24th! Although not as many as last year, we are in good shape for how many people are presenting in RAW, enough to make 5 panels. Some are even from other schools besides UTD.

We confirmed the $30 (for early registration), $40, $50 (late registration) charge that we decided last meeting. The loose dates for registration are as follows:

  • Before Jan 1 = early,
  • Before Feb 1 = mid,
  • Feb 15th = late

Cindy will get RAW on the comet calendar

Food for RAW:

Cindy confirmed that Ackerman Center is providing breakfast. Dr. Gooch is providing dinner, the GSA will provide lunch (Jacqueline is in charge of lunch). Chartwells will most likely be catering for lunch and dinner. The after party might be held again at the Londoner, but we also considered that maybe this year we hold the after party closer to campus?

We only spent $140 on the Fall social so far, so our budget is still looking good. It will cost about $250 for appetizers at after party. For lunch, the budget will be about $15 per person.

We plan to make survey monkey for what kind of food people want.

RAW swag, parking, and moderators:

Brian got pens and folders from the UTD bookstore and a bunch of other amazing swag. We just don’t have bags yet. Tracey will ask places like Off Campus Books, Confucius Institute, and the Translation Center for bags.

Brian is having trouble with parking because they want to us to wait until it is two weeks in advance.

We discussed what former students and profs/faculty to nag to moderate panels. On Jan. 7th, we will send out invitations to moderate.

General Important Stuff:

We discussed when and where to meet to discuss organizing panels. We will meet Sunday, Jan. 7 at 11:30 am at La Madeleine in Plano at 520 W 15th (15th street and HWY 75).

GSA meetings for Spring 2018 will be on the 2nd Monday each month at 5:30 pm in the grad lounge. The schedule for spring 2018 to be determined soon.

Finally, we need to recruit for new senate members. Many people will be leaving the GSA after this academic year is up!!! If you are interested or curious about serving the GSA, please contact us! We’d be happy to tell you about what we do, what our responsibilities entail, and how it is possible (and it is possible!) to balance GSA responsibilities with school/work/life.


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