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GSA Meeting Minutes (January 8, 2018)

January 10, 2018

It’s the first meeting of the spring semester 2018!

Yesterday, Jan 7th, we met at La Madeleine and divided RAW presenters into panels. Our tasks afterwards were delegated as follows:

Tracey – assign and hassle moderators to appropriate panels (Poe has offered his assistance and is copied on this message so that he can see which panel sounds good to him.  He gets first dibs (or first right of refusal) since he’s traveling!

Cindy – start scheduling panels and start checking out menu options for Friday night dinner and lunch – both catered by Chartwell’s.

Amy – add columns to spreadsheet to cover payment, food RSVPs, and dietary restrictions and hassle presenters who didn’t give titles for their papers

Jennifer – send Diana information for social media accounts since she graciously volunteered to be our social media guru (thank you!) and figure out how we get intel on who’s paid and what their food status is

Suzanne – continue working on the program as more information makes itself available. Create GSA recruitment flyers.


RAW Organizing

We have 16 panels, our biggest conference so far!! Cindy has volunteered to come up with scheduling and room reserving.

Many papers do not have titles. We need to email people for the titles of their papers.

We discussed how long should the panels be. 10-15 minutes per presentation, with a 10-minute Q&A at the end of all presentations?

We will offer more PhD students to moderate! After all, RAW is a conference for grad students, put together by grad students—why not let more grad students, specifically those at the PhD level, get experience moderating a conference panel?

Brian will talk to Alena Morton about parking for advance parking reservation.

The Event registration form has been filled out or the university. Brian filled it out.

Brian has stashed the swag in a “secure location.”

3.516 for keynote around lunch time, or the big one on the 4th floor. All rooms where presentations will need media. The rooms we reserved are JO 3.516, 4.112, and 4.614.

Friday dinner at Founder’s Atrium, or alumni center (but it’s expensive). Most likely will be located in the Founder’s Atrium.

We all need to ask who would like to help with RAW by February 1st. We can even recruit undergrads who wants to help! (Those who teach RHET or TA for a class, recruit your students!)


Food for RAW

Jennifer talked to Dena today, and she replied that only 12 have paid, but no info on what dietary restrictions are needed. No way Jennifer can check this, Dena will email us, and Jennifer will hassle Dena after each deadline. Cindy will check soon.

Cindy is checking our menus, Jacqueline also working on food. They are working together on food.

What to do for breakfast: Costco for drinks? Or just have Chartwells do everything, even breakfast? Chartwells would keep it simple. Just use on-campus catering. If we want wine at the dinner give the wine to them the day before to be chilled, and then pay to get a guy to serve it. But we have to have approval from university.

Dr. Gooch will pay for Friday night dinner.

Dr. Wright will provide wine for 50, bring to Ackerman Center, then Cindy will take to Chartwells.


RAW Inventory

Lanyards were ordered last year through Dena or Lisa Lyles. We need to print the nametags; Suzanne will ask Teri how she did that.

We have boxes full of leftover lanyards (32), cups with lids, badge sleeves, Cindy can get 100 badge sleeves for $10.99 on Amazon.

Jennifer will email Dena and Teri on how to get lanyards with “RAW on them. Dena or Lisa probably has the patter for printing on the lanyard.

Suzanne will design GSA recruitment flyers to put in the in the swag bag.


Sherry Clarkson Prize:

A flyer for the Sherry Clarkson prize will be in the RAW swag bag. Those who wish to submit your paper for the prize, please remember that we want to read the conference-length papers you presented (about 8 pages maximum), not a journal-ready 30-page essay.

Suzanne, Amy, and Dr. Wright will judge the submitted conference papers for the Sherry Clarkson prize; Brian will play it by ear depending on where his in in his field exams. (Best of luck, Brian!!)


Plans for the January general meeting:

Madhavi, Jacqueline, and people who are ABD (“all but dissertation”) plan to create and host a workshop/panel later this month to give advice on how to prepare for and pass the field exams.

Dr. Wright gave use some field exam tips! Write the field exam more like a historiographical essay, or lit review, and look at sample historiographical essays or lit reviews as examples of how you might organize and construct your exam essays. The Blackwell Companion may have good samples. What kind of patterns do you see in your field? Don’t do research outside of your exam field. You won’t be quoting.

However, keep in mind that field exams are not graded consistently, and different professors may have different preferences. Follow the advice first and foremost of the professors on your committee, and verify that the advice you receive from your peers or non-committee member faculty aligns with your committee members’ individual preferences.


Additional, Miscellaneous Notes:

We considered where we will have spring social: Bishop Cider Company? The new Northside Pub? The new Northside Pub might also be a good place for the RAW after party because it is on campus.

We re-confirmed what our roles and titles are in the GSA, since many of us have taken on different tasks since we decided who will do what last August. Our more-or-less official roles are as follows:

Jennifer = President (“supreme dear leader”), Chair of RAW

Brian = Vice President, “voice of reason”

Amy = Treasurer, RAW Co-Chair

Tracey = Faculty and Administration Ambassador

Madhavi = Administration Ambassador

Suzanne = Secretary (notes taker, program and flyer designer, website manager)

Diane = Social Media Manager

Jacqueline = Event Organizer (social activities and food coordinator)

Cindy = Logistics, scheduling coordinator


  • Congrats to Tracey for being cigarette-free for 10 weeks!! Woo hoo!!



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