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Teri’s Contributions

January 13, 2018

Teri has given us great input on the things we needed her advice for!

Here is what she says:

1. Dena can order more lanyards with one click of a button, so just let her know how many you need. I’m not sure where the “RAW” graphic is, but the lanyard maker already has it.

2. For the badges, be sure to get Avery badge holders and badge inserts. You have to order each separately (I went through Dena), though you could also get them at Staples or somewhere. Last year, Lisa Lyles gave me a bunch of the larger badge holders that A&H wasn’t going to use. They’re in the boxes I left in the grad lounge. There are two badge sizes; I don’t remember the dimensions exactly, but the GSA traditionally used the larger ones. Last year, Dena ordered the small ones because A&H used them and it didn’t occur to me to check the size.

Anyway, once you get the card inserts, download the free Avery printing app. (There will be instructions for this included in the package of inserts.) It’s very easy to use, though a little tedious to type in everyone’s name and affiliation. Be sure to make badges for all the presenters, moderators, volunteers, GSA members, speakers, and Dr. Gooch and Dean Kratz. There are some examples from previous years out on the Googledocs site. (Don’t try to copy the older ones. You’ll spend hours and just get frustrated when they don’t line up or print correctly. I speak from experience. Start fresh with the Avery app.)

I printed all the badges on my home printer, though you could of course also print them at UTD.

And please let me know if you have any questions about anything. From this distance, you all appear extremely well prepared. Congrats!





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