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GSA Meeting Minutes (February 12, 2018)

March 17, 2018

[Apologies for the super late minutes from last month! … Better late than never?]

This is the last official meeting before RAW!


Food for RAW

Greek theme for Friday dinner, wine must be paid for out of registration fees. Reimburse Dr. Wright, (wine for 70), he will check with Dena about finances for wine. $15 per person, because Dr. Gooch is generous.

Salad boxes for gluten free people, do a survey monkey? Order based on what they said?

Grilled veggie wrap for vegans,

Jacqueline used to work with the pub and is familiar with Chartwells and food catering and stuff. She will give Dr. Wright information about contacting them about wine.

Add a tea station for lunch? This might make drinks simpler and cheaper?

Go to Dollar Tree to get table cloths? Because table cloths tend to be a big, expensive deal? 7 round table clothes, seating for 10 people, Chartwells provides the table cloths for catering buffet. (Jacqueline is in charge of this)

Jacqueline is planning to meet with Dena tomorrow (Tues).

Maybe we will label the vegan/vegetarian. Gluten-free lunches with people’s names so that they don’t get taken.


General RAW Notes

Come Tue Feb 20 to put swag into bags. Jennifer, Tracey, and Suzanne have said they can that day. Anyone else you can come, please do so it goes faster!! Next Wednesday or Friday. Brown Bag is next Wednesday.

Swag lives in drawer in the grad lounge.

Lanyards will be by the 20th.

Jennifer might do the badges, download the template, then print them here in the grad lounge printer. Tracey. Suzanne will be on call to help with badges in case of emergencies

Suzanne will finish program by tonight. Jennifer will send the program out along with link to maps and parking information.

Do we want to have an AV person here? (It will cost money) Tracey will check.

Jennifer is hosting the Keynote address.

ATEC has a nifty way to Skype people in, with an animated avatar thingy.

Between 50-60 people will be expected at the keynote.

People who don’t pay don’t get nametags.

The way we confirm you are coming is by paying.

Sign-in sheet for students who volunteer to work. Suzanne will make this?

Brian will take care of labeling for rooms

Jacqueline will take care of posting RAW coverage on social media

Stuff needs to printed by the 20th. We will come around 4:30.

We all should come Friday 23rd around 4-7pm to help set up. Be there by 7:30 am on Saturday to set up.

Others should stay late to help people get to the Londoner.

Recruitment flyers:  make this, maybe something RAW centric?? Have these by RAW to pass out. Maybe make two different kinds.

We need a map for the Londoner, Jacqueline will make it, Amy will print it.

Madhavi will print schedule out the schedule to post on the rooms, so people know what panels will be din which rooms when.


Sherry Clarkson Prize

Jennifer will check Google Docs for the Sherry Clarkson flyer.


Other Things to Keep in Mind

UTD is putting together a GSA for all grad students form all departments.

Suzanne will eventually post tips for field exams.


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