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GSA Senate Meeting Minutes 8/16/2018

September 4, 2018

Greetings! Happy fall semester!

I must apologize in advance for this long post, and apologize as well for not keeping the GSA website up-to-date. This year, we aim to be more diligent about our website maintenance, among other things!

Before diving into this year’s GSA plans and goals we discussed in our first meeting last month, let me give a quick recap on what should have been posted in March and April of last semester.

March 2018 Meeting: In our march meeting, we reviewed what was successful about the February RAW Conference, and what could have gone better.

April 2018 Meeting: In our April meeting, we selected our winner of the Sherry Clarkson prize, discussed GSA elections for 2018-2019 (conducted over survey monkey), and reorganized (gave names to) the GSA’s aims and purpose into four pillars: Advocacy, Community, Professional Development, and RAW.

Brian told us about his experience attending to the 2nd meeting of the campus-wide GSA! He said it will be official, but is still trying to get started.

We also identified updates that need to made to the GSA website.

August 2018 Meeting:

Our first priority of the first meeting of the fall was to figure out what role in the GSA each member plans to play for the academic year 2018-2019. Our positions we decided on are as follows:

  • President: Suzanne
  • Vice President: Adam (will shadow Suzanne)


  • Social media managers: Alex, Adam


  • GSA website managers: Amanda, Kate
  • Content designers: Amanda, Kate
  • Secretary/historian: Amanda, Kate


  • Treasurers: Lindsey, Rebekka, Kate, maybe Jacquelyn (?)
  • Social event planners: Jacquelyn, Rebekka, Kate


  • Advocates: Tracey, Brian (Dr. Wright will send us the schedule for the faculty and GSC meetings)


  • RAW organizers: Rebekka (chair), Lindsey, Alex, (and of course Dr. Wright will help us out a bunch!)


  • Workshop planning: Alex (main planner), Rebekka, (with help from Dr. Wright and Rob Pearson)


There are at least two people per role! Hopefully, this will help with member retention and the number of responsibilities one single person will have throughout the academic year will be fewer, making serving in the GSA easier for all.

We set dates for fall semester general and Senate meetings: 6pm on 1st Tuesdays of each month. (If another tine and day of the week become more convenient, we can always change it.)

Fall social 2018: Sept 11, 5pm-7pm at Guitars & Growlers. Kate made reservations shortly after the meeting. Amanda and Kate our content designers ideally will have flyers created by the senate meeting on Sept 4th.

We still need to email and meet with Dean Kratz and Dena Davis to determine budget and priorities. We should do this before we start spending money on things like the Fall Social!

We brainstormed for the 2019 RAW Conference! We are not sure yet of who we would like as our possible keynote speakers, but we considered perhaps asking one of our own UTD faculty this time (several are working on some interesting things!), or perhaps replace keynote experience this year with artsy/entertainment/performances. We threw out some tentative theme ideas too, the most appealing one seeming to be “Expression & Repression.” Tentative dates: mid-late Feb, such as on the 16th or 23rd (more likely to be on the 23rd). We hope to have the rough draft of the CFP written by the September senate meeting and to send out the CFP by Oct. 1.

We also hope to host more workshops this year. We intend to send out polls to see what kind of workshops would be most relevant. Dr. Wright has lists that he will send to Alex.

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