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RAW 2014 – Session 1

Session 1:                                                                                                                   9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Sex, Power, and Nationalism in Popular Culture: ATC 1.305

Faculty Moderator: Dr. Roger Malina, UT Dallas

“Fill the world with your color” Bobby Frye, UT Dallas

“Quack Attack: American Ideals Seen in Daffy Duck in Warner Bros. World War II Themed Cartoons” Stephen Boeding, UTD

“On Translating Sahir’s Film Songs from Pyaasa (Thirst 1957)” Madhavi Biswas, UT Dallas

A New Way to Face the World: Explorations of Space, Time, and Culture – ATC 2.602

Faculty Moderator: Dr. David Channell, UT Dallas

“Portraiture: The Face of Revolution” Kimberly Schanbaum, UT Dallas

“Time Travel Tourism” Sahalie Hashim, UT Dallas

“Reflections of the Sky in Shallow Pools: The Presence of Space and Time in Medieval Japanese Aesthetic” Don Fenton, UTD

The Untrustworthy Word: Fictional Lies and Imaginary Truths – ATC 2.605

Faculty Moderator: Dr. Frederick Turner, UT Dallas

“Lies My Granny Told Me” Sanderia Smith, UT Dallas

“Blondes and Brunettes” Adam Cheney, UT Dallas

“The Remainder—An Account in Three Parts” Violet Lopez, UT Dallas