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RAW 2014 – Session 3

Session 3:                                                                                                                 11:20 AM – 12:20 PM

System Reconfiguration – ATC 1.305

Faculty Moderator: Dr. Jessica C. Murphy, UT Dallas

“Reshaping the Natural World: Toni Morrison’s Use of Landscape and Place in A Mercy” Rosalyn Mack, UT Dallas

“Integrating Design and Development in the Built Environment” Louis Burns, UT Dallas

“The Witch Tree” Susan Caldwell, UT Dallas

Art in the Big “D” — ATC 2.602

Faculty Moderator: Marilyn Waligore, UT Dallas

“The One Day Project” Val Curry and Robert David Reedy, UT Dallas

“Gesture Machines” Spencer Brown-Pearn, UT Dallas

Defining the Other – ATC 2.605

Faculty Moderator: Dr. Katherine Turk, UT Dallas

“Romanticism: The Debate Continues” Marina Botros Jenkins, UT Dallas

“The Representations of the “Other” in Egyptian Cinema” Amal S. Shafek, UT Dallas

““On Forgiveness”: Exploring Jacques Derrida’s Notion of Forgiveness and its Shortcomings” Jessica Braccio, UT Dallas

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